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4x10ft and 4x12ft Size,1220m x 3050/3660/3800/4100 mm Plywood China Manufacturers

Release time:2022/7/16 18:26:50

Reference fob price: USD17-47/pc
Specifications: Lenth 2800,3050mm,3660mm and 4100mm
Material: Eculyptus
Glue: E1
Min.order: 600 pcs
Delivery Time: 25 days
Payment: T/T or L/C

Big size plywood manuacturer and supplier in China

1. Customized maximum size up to 4' x 12' (1220*3660mm) can be customized according to customer requirements, thickness 5-18mm, length 2600mm, 2800mm, 3050mm, 3200mm, 3600mm, 3660mm, 3800mm, 4100mm

2.Glue: use environmentally-friendly modified triamine E1 glue

3.Face and back: Okoume


5. The long middle plate and the horizontal middle plate are joined together, and the whole core is not spliced

6. Uses: star hotel furniture, villa cabinets, yachts, carriages, speakers, etc.

Photos of 1220x3660mm plywood

3.66m furniture plywood.jpg

12ft plywood.jpg

1.22x3.66m plywood suppliers.jpg

1220x3660mm plywood manufacturer.jpg

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