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Wood Grain Melamine Plywood

Release time£º2021/4/2 18:06:38

Reference fob price: USD22 - 29
Specifications: 1.22x2.44m
Material: Eucalyptus
Glue: Melamine E1
Min.order: 1x40HQ
Delivery Time: 20 days
Payment: T/T or L/C

Origin:Made in China Melamine Plywood

Details Information

  1. Size:1220x2440mm

  2. Thickness:2/4.5/9/12/15/18mm

  3. Mositure:8-12%

  4. Glue:E1, Melamine

  5. Core:poplar, eucalyptus and combi


Water resistance,Eco-friendly,High dutability


Kitchen cabinet, Bathroom cabinet, Cupboard, Bookcase & interior decoration

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